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TAL MOTION Tal Levi Cohen MA

For years I searched for my place in the world of culture and art.

After a decade as a therapist and as a therapist in expression and creation and as a creator on stage, after working with all types of populations: boys and girls, stage artists, those with disabilities and special needs, eating disorders, women and men of all ages – in movement, dance, theater and singing – and I also brought the healing to the stage – I understood My uniqueness in the combination between healing and change and the world of performing arts!

In recent years, I have performed in English with my work “Tal” in theater-dance on the topic of recovery from eating disorders around the world (Broadway, New York, 2023; Edinburgh, Scotland, 2022) and in Israel regularly at the Chamber Theater, and with it I won the Ministry of Culture scholarship for cultural export, 2022; And the bride of excellence award for a performance and winner of the large number of online viewers in Russia, 2021.

I have over 25 years of experience performing as a dancer, actress, producer and choreographer in Israel and around the world.


Over the years I have specialized in various fields of dance in Israel and around the world

Classical, modern, Indian dance, African dance, Gaga.

As well as martial arts: Thai boxing, Tai Chi, Bag-Wah-Che and Chi-Kung.

I performed as a dancer in the “Aluminium” show for about 5 years in Israel and around the world; I was the first dance teacher in the Triangle – in the Arab city of Tira; Through the arts, I treated teenagers in the green village, and children on the autistic spectrum. I conducted workshops on the mind-body connection, movement and gender at Wingate, in a program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Foreign Exchange and Joint Israel – Ashlim; and workshops in theater and movement at various associations and centers.

I invite you to my clinic in my home where I conduct self-discovery workshops for stage artists, women and men, for special needs and those with disabilities - through body-mind connection, movement, theater dance and change.

wrote about me

In a revealing interview, Tal Levi Cohen (42), an actress, creator, therapist and choreographer from Herzliya, tells about the long process she went through until she put on a solo show that “will give hope to girls who are in the situation I was in before I rescued myself from the terrible darkness”

This original solo performance follows the story of a girl-woman-dancer’s experiences with the eating disorder bulimia, and the way she healed through learning psychology and expressive arts.

For years, Tal Levi Cohen experienced eating disorders and depression. “Art healed me,” she says in a special interview and talks about her solo show that brings her personal story and the important message

Tal suffered from bulimia that started already in high school when she was a dance major. These days she is acting in a new show she wrote, which deals with eating disorders through a combination of the world of theater and dance, about which she talks about in a bare column. “Anger that had been pent up in me for years came out”

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