"your show"

A workshop for authentic artistic expression

6 meetings in which, using techniques from the world of expression therapy and creation: movement-dance, drama-theatre, writing, music and plastic art – we will dive into an intimate and authentic acquaintance with who we really are and artistically express our honest nature. In addition, we will delve deeper and explore the memory traps engraved in us from our childhood, which in fact follow our present, we will give them a place, we will release them and we will reach balance and peace.

אייקונים אנשים עם לבבות

Small group and inclusive guidance

אייקון יידים עם לב

A combination of the worlds of the stage and the worlds of treatment

אייקון כובע אקדמי

Academic level workshop with proven healing processes that work

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Workshop "Your Show"

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For years I searched for my place in the world of culture and art.

After a decade as a therapist and as a therapist in expression and creation and as a creator on stage, after working with all types of populations: boys and girls, stage artists, those with disabilities and special needs, eating disorders, women and men of all ages – in movement, dance, theater and singing – and I also brought the healing to the stage – I understood My uniqueness in the combination between healing and change and the world of performing arts!

I am mainly Amit’s partner, Ariel’s mother and partner in raising Or and Yaheli – Amit’s children from his previous marriage.

I have over 25 years of experience performing as a dancer, actress, producer and choreographer in Israel and around the world.


Gilad Ahitov
Gilad Ahitov
a musician
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"I wanted to find myself, Gilad the creator and the man, to give him expression. Together with Tal I found and created and actually opened a door for myself, no less. Just don't disappear. Thanks."
Itzik Cohen
Itzik Cohen
Actor, director & creator
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"The meeting with Tal is first of all a meeting with ourselves. Tal makes sure that this encounter is soft, pleasant, positive and protective. She brings her rich knowledge and helps to change limiting beliefs, to open up to a world of positive and empowering thinking. Tal was a home for me and meetings with her are like returning to the womb. She helped me a lot in cutting off my oppressive chains, for the divorce crisis I went through. And in my opening to a new world of abundance and creation"
Two harpaz
Two harpaz
Creator & singer
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"As much as I have experimented as an artist with different types of inner work, I was surprised to discover again that there are more and more layers to the performance experience. There is always another layer to reveal and bring directly to the stage. Through working with Tal I quickly came to deep understandings about how I aspire to be present on stage. The technique that combines body and soul gives an immediate opening to the emotion and to the desired experience for me as a singer who presents her songs to the audience and wishes to evoke emotion and identification."

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To create a space for significant emotional work and intimacy, the number of participants is up to 6. Unless the workshop is booked for a semester of about 12-15 sessions, then the number of participants can be doubled.

The workshop is suitable for both sexes. There is a possibility that there will be both men and women in each workshop, but it depends on the registrants.

One of the significant advantages of group work, is the opportunity to observe the person in front of us and understand what he arouses in us and why. Therefore, even if you don’t connect with a certain person – it is likely that through this we will discover something significant about the way in which a connection was made with another person, knowledge that can help in many areas of life, as well as in creative and performance processes.

Yes. In group work we are required to have dialogue and exposure and this can cause discomfort in those who are introverts, and this is exactly the thing that should be overcome as performers. Together we will identify the difficulty and understand what lies at its base – is it a fear of rejection? Judgment? Review? lack of self esteem? social anxiety? And we will work on it carefully to create a safe space for meaningful work, at the appropriate and correct pace.

In the workshop we will work on two levels: what goes on inside and what comes out. Through art therapy techniques we awaken unconscious parts and express them. Art draws our attention, our actions and our thoughts to the creative process and thus we distance ourselves from the problem or the difficulty, and are exposed to our feelings and our strengths and weaknesses. We will sit in a circle and have an intimate conversation, you will receive feedback from me and the members of the group.
As a therapist, I am qualified and experienced in the field of therapy, I will ask targeted questions to help new insights to be revealed or sharpened, also, before joining, I will hold introductory conversations and clarification of needs at no cost.
I would be happy to accompany you in the process of your development as performing artists, if we decide together that this is what is most right for you at this point in the road. If not, I will advise you to contact another type of escort. Professionalism is most important to me.

In group work we will get a more comprehensive and broader picture of the situation in relation to each of the participants. With personal accompaniment, the feedback is only from me, while here the participant can be exposed to a variety of feedback regarding his emotional and behavioral state. Another thing is that you will be able to be exposed to behavior patterns, personality structures, and different coping methods of the group members through which you will raise the level of self-awareness. Group work also provides a supportive social network, a sense of belonging, an experience and most importantly – real-time experiences.

for sure. I will send you a questionnaire aimed at getting to know the group participants and their needs in depth, and we will make adjustments to the content especially for you.​

Registration for the workshop is online directly on the website, if you want in installments. The full amount can be paid in any way: Bit, Paybox, credit, bank transfer.

10% discount for those who order

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"Because body movement is the movement of the soul that moves from within."

Yona Shachar-Levy

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