The show "Tal"

Original International Solo Show in Dance Theater

A particularly dynamic and moving show based on the process of a girl-woman and dancer – in coping and the way she recovered from the eating disorder bulimia.


A brave show that reveals the soul and can inspire many people, Allows us to better understand our responsibilities as parents and as human beings.

Personal insights

The show leaves viewers with personal and universal insights into the meaning of our discourse, And about the importance of our understanding of ourselves and the way body and mind work.

Approved for Culture Basket

The show is approved for the Culture Basket for grades 8-12 And you can have a dialogue with the artist at the end of the show

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Dates of the Tal show

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In Hebrew and English

Women's Month

March 2024

Yokneam People's House

July 2024

For years I searched for my place in the world of culture and art.

After a decade as a therapist and as a therapist in expression and creation and as a creator on stage, after working with all types of populations: boys and girls, stage artists, those with disabilities and special needs, eating disorders, women and men of all ages – in movement, dance, theater and singing – and I also brought the healing to the stage – I understood My uniqueness in the combination between healing and change and the world of performing arts!

I am mainly Amit’s partner, Ariel’s mother and partner in raising Or and Yaheli – Amit’s children from his previous marriage.

I have over 25 years of experience performing as a dancer, actress, producer and choreographer in Israel and around the world.

"Ministry of Culture grant for cultural export"

Ministry of Culture, Israel 2023

"Bride of Merit" for her appearance

Theater - a place of unity, Russia 2021

"Crowd favorite"

Theater - a place of unity, Russia 2021.

Write about me...

“Tal from Tal Levy Cohen is…an accomplished piece of theatre, and certainly a useful addition to a worldwide dialogue”

Dancer Tal Levy Cohen puts on a dance show that describes the eating disorder she suffered from for about a decade and her recovery. “I express in my body the madness around the lack of self-love and vomiting.”

This original solo performance follows the story of a girl-woman-dancer’s experiences with the eating disorder bulimia.


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״Important presentation. Thought-provoking. Shows the power and influence of words and sentences when spoken at a time, place, and from different people. The subject is eating disorders, but actually much broader and you can tap into other areas of perception and self-esteem."
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"Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to see. But Tal exposed herself with authenticity and sensitivity and made me think... As a mother of a teenager, as an adult woman - what is the place and influence of the opinions of others on our lives. I was really excited. Tal's felt on stage penetrates the soul and the props, each of which is incredibly precise, pierce the heart."
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"Tal is such a brave, talented and important artist... A moving play, exposed and touching all of us in the most sensitive places. Highly recommend going and seeing"
Rachel Cohen
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"Talented Tal, Bravo!! A play that is invested, sensitive, exciting and very important to watch. Tal conveys the subject in a special and powerful way and conveys this important message that must reach everyone and everyone!! Congratulations "
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"Wow how much talent I watched your empowering play and could not remain indifferent. Thank you very much for the exposure, insights and new path that is taking place in me at the moment and a part that touched me in the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


Writing, Director, Choreography and Performance: Tal Levi Cohen

Consultant: Bat-Chen Havardi Vakashi, Amir Orian, Sarah Vino Elad, Erez Hasson

Dramaturgy: Osnat Schenk Yosef

Musical arrangement: Raz Olsher

Original music: Raz Olsher, Zej-Yuval Wetzler and Raz Olsher, Nadav Wetzler, Tal Levi Cohen, Bat-Chen Haverdi and Kashi

Setting: Tal Levi Cohen, Yuval Hamami

Costume: Tal Levi Cohen, Franklin Tavares Precious

Lighting: Yoni Tal

Sound and Technical: Adir Yosef

Cinematography and Editing: Amnon Haas

Additional photographers: Yotam Munk, Eli Maaini, David Mantiyat Hodge

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"Life is like two steps forward, one backward, two steps forward, one back - yet there is progress!"

Tal Levi Cohen, from the show "Tal"

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