Accessibility statement

Hello to all visitors to our site,

We aim to ensure accessibility for everyone and all users, including people with disabilities. The website’s rationale is to allow its use in the most convenient and simple way possible for everyone.

Our accessibility effort includes compliance with Israeli and international accessibility standards, according to the requirements of the Law on Accessibility for People with Disabilities (Accessibility for the Disabled) 2005-2005 and its procedures. We invest a lot of effort in improving and facilitating access to the website, in accordance with the guidelines of the standards.

Some of the actions we took to improve the site’s accessibility include:

1. Installing an accessibility plugin.
2. Adjusting the content display models for optimal accessibility, including work on the readability of colors and according to accessibility classifications.
3. Testing the site’s accessibility using advanced tools and techniques.
4. Improving the experience of using the site on mobile devices and tablets, by the site’s response to screens of different sizes and improving navigation on a touch interface.

We will continue to improve the site’s accessibility at any time and by all means available to us. We welcome everything we have in common and our investment in accessibility and meet with inquiries and tours.

The business is a place whose goal is to welcome as many people as possible and provide them with diverse services or products. Thinking about accessibility is important for improving the customer experience. It is not only a matter of physicality, but also understanding and considering the needs of the people on a broader level. For example, this includes physical accessibility for people with disabilities and also means of communication and service that meet the needs of people with difficulty seeing, hearing or other special needs.

If you encounter any problem with the site’s accessibility, please contact us and direct us to invest the appropriate resources to improve the site’s accessibility.

Thank you very much for your help and support in the effort to make our site accessible and pleasant to use for all users.

Tal Levi Cohen

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