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TAL MOTION Tal Levy Cohen, MA

Shows, Workshops & Personal accompaniment

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The World of the stage meets
the world of healing

For stage, performance and screen artists and for anyone who wants to work through the arts

Self discovery

Create your unique voice and publish
your truth

Emotional release

Feel complete with yourself
And with who you are today

Expressive arts

Techniques from the worlds of movement, theater and treatment of expression and creativity

Led by Tal Levy Cohen, creator-performer and healer in movement, MA.
Creates shows that tell about mental processes and works with a variety of populations in theater, movement, dance, creation and more.
First performances on Broadway 2023 and in Edinburgh 2022, winner of the Ministry of Culture grant for cultural export 2022, winner of the Excellence in Performance Award and crowd favorite, Russia 2021, performances at festivals around the world with the original work – Tal: London, New Zealand, New Jersey, Manchester , Brighton and more.
Over 20 years of experience on stages in Israel and around the world.



An international, original, award-winning dance-theater show. The show is about a girl-woman dancer dealing with the eating disorder - bulimia, and the way she created it.
A brave show that reveals the soul and can be an inspiration to many people.

Suitable for ages 15 and up.

New shows


A theater-dance performance about the events of the Jewish people through its generations and the happenings in the State of Israel in the years preceding the October 7th massacre, presented as a parallel story of pregnancy, life, separation and rebirth.


A multidisciplinary show about body-mind-soul connection, movement and personal and universal change.


A workshop for an authentic performance

Clear voices, release emotions and dance, sing and act like you've always wanted.
Suitable for working stage artists and those who want to express themselves through the performing arts.

Additional workshops


For majors in schools and institutions for performing arts studies

Movement & Theater

For children, the disabled and the autistic spectrum.

Personal Accompaniment:

Tailored personal service

Treatment of expression and creation because the body speaks even without words, it expresses and articulates things that are difficult to say, that are embarrassing to say or that are afraid to put them out into the world. Suitable for working stage artists and those who want to express themselves through the performing arts.

types of services

Therapy through expression & creation

Through art in general and movement in particular, it is possible to heal the mind. The personal accompaniment is very individual and develops in a personal direction according to each and every one. I listen and am a mirror and a guide on the way to a desired personal change. Every meeting looks different, like we all feel a little different every day.


Dafna Cohen
Dafna Cohen
Designer & Leadership trainer
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"Tal turned her journey into healing, a talented woman with a variety of tools for treatment, creation and both together. A good therapist is first a good person, and a sensitive therapist knows how to diagnose. I believe that therapists who have experienced it firsthand will know how to accurately diagnose the person in front of them."
Itzik Cohen
Itzik Cohen
Actor, director & creator
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"The meeting with Tal is first of all a meeting with ourselves. Tal makes sure that this encounter is soft, pleasant, positive and protective. She brings her rich knowledge and helps to change limiting beliefs, to open up to a world of positive and empowering thinking. Tal was a home for me and meetings with her are like returning to the womb. She helped me a lot in cutting off my oppressive chains, for the divorce crisis I went through. And in my opening to a new world of abundance and creation"
Nurit bar
Nurit bar
Participating in the workshop
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"Tal is very professional. A woman who is pleasant to listen to and learn from. I highly recommend trying the unique treatment method she has built."
Norma Roffman
Norma Roffman
Participating in the workshop
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"Tal = movement. That's how you can define it. Flowing, inclusive, attentive, pleasant. You feel it all the way!!!"
Tamar Telmore
Tamar Telmore
Participating in the workshop
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"Tal is pleasant, attentive, empathetic and sensitive to others. An expert in movement and dance, with the ability to get the most out of her students and perfect their ability to express themselves."
Shani harpaz
Shani harpaz
Creator & singer
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"As much as I have experimented as an artist with different types of inner work, I was surprised to discover again that there are more and more layers to the performance experience. There is always another layer to reveal and bring directly to the stage. Through working with Tal I quickly came to deep understandings about how I aspire to be present on stage. The technique that combines body and soul gives an immediate opening to the emotion and to the desired experience for me as a singer who presents her songs to the audience and wishes to evoke emotion and identification."

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"To dance is to learn things about yourself more than to learn about dance ."

Billy Elliott, the musical

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